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Vielseitig anpassbarer Massivholzschreibtisch, Lieferung in Europa, kostenfreier Versand in Deutschland.

Genius - Solid wood tree trunk desk

Discover the centrepiece of your study - the unique desk made of tree trunks. Each piece is unique, made of robust solid wood, with 85% of the wood coming directly from the regional forests of Thuringia. This desk represents not only handwork in the highest quality from Germany, but also love for nature and craftsmanship. He is characterised by the table legs of whole tree trunks.

Available in different sizes, the table top adapts to your needs: Choose between the dimensions of the table top 120x60, 160x80 or 180x80 cm. Write to us if you want a custom-made desk. The plate, a whopply 5 cm thick, serves as a spacious base for all your projects, gaming experiences or creative hours in the home office. Further personalise your desk with an engraving and give it a personal touch.

Choose the height of your desk according to your choice: 68, 70, 72, 74 or 76 cm, we offer you as standard. The price does not vary. Choose the table height so that your elbows are open at a 90-degree angle when you sit upright at the desk.

The colour scheme is up to you - design your desk to match your office furniture. Just send us a photo of your current interior and we will make the table in the desired colour. With delivery to the curb throughout Europe, and even free shipping in Germany, it has never been easier to bring a piece of real Thuringian craftsmanship to your office.

This designer desk is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a statement - a tribute to nature and its timeless beauty, implemented in a modern working environment. Ideal for your home office, as a representative gaming desk or as a central piece of furniture in your office, it combines functionality with aesthetic standards. Set an example for sustainability and design with this exclusive desk made of tree trunks.

    PriceFrom €2,450.00