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Model Hypnos

Solid wood bed rustic

Model Hera

Family bed 270x200

Model Juventas

Scandinavian double bed

Model Somnus

Solid wood bed 180x200

Rustic Solid Wood Beds
by Bosco Boschivo®

Designs by Bosco Boschivo

Below we show you design designs that we can turn into reality for you. For this, refer to your favourite in your e-mail or telephone request. The designs were created with the help of AI.

Unique Wooden Beds

Bosco Boschivo builds your individual round wooden bed and beam bed made to measure. Each work is unusual and unique. The bedposts are made from whole tree trunks, creating a rustic style. The strong wooden planks have natural tree edges and, if you wish, your names.


Behind the scenes - where quality is created!

At Bosco Boschivo we value craftsmanship, attention to detail and outstanding quality. Our solid wood beds are made with care and passion in our own workshop. We're proud to be able to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how each piece is made.

Rustic slatted frame

Rustic wooden bed 120x200cm

Any conventional slatted frame can be placed in the solid wood beds. On request, we will also be happy to install wooden panels as mattress pads in beds of any size.