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rustic oak bed

Wooden bed 160x200

designed & manufactured in Germany

Wooden bed rustic


beam bed

We manufacture all beds in Germany from local woods, some from forests less than 10 minutes from our workshop.

The bedposts made of oak wood are characterized by many artistic deformations. They have been sanded silky smooth and sealed with high-quality wood oil.

The processing of such rustic, wild solid wood is extremely demanding and requires a lot of dedication and manual work.


100% oak bed

Bed 160x200 solid wood

The bed frame was custom-made from sturdy solid wood beams, so that the customer-specific dimensions of the slatted frame and mattress fit exactly with the tree trunks of the bedposts and at the same time protrude over the side planks to create a comfortable bed edge.

oak bed

Many steps are necessary from the tree in the forest to the bed in your bedroom. A wooden bed 160x200 cm takes about 7 to 10 working days pure working time. There are also storage and drying phases. Nevertheless, we manage to get your bed to you in 8 to 10 weeks.

Simply order your own Bosco Boschivo® bed made of rustic solid wood online. Write us an email or call me.

We look forward to the next unique piece.

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