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Bosco Boschivo
- registered German trademark

We have aspired to be a high-quality brand for decades.

To do justice to this, we offer you a well-rounded package of designer furniture that gives you the opportunity to furnish your home and office artistically.


As you can imagine, shipping our solid wood furniture is a little more complex than for a piece of furniture that only weighs 20 kilograms.

That's why we decided to offer you Europe-wide shipping.


For special comfort from the first second, we will be happy to set up your Bosco bed on site. You can set up St. Andrew's crosses yourself. Our creative guides make this easy fun.


Right from the start we agreed that if we jointly position a furniture brand in Germany, it would only work if we followed our own values.
That is why today every work is a unique one-off and so much manual labor that takes days is invested until each of us says:
"It's not a piece of furniture, it's art."

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